News You Can Use – September 2020

News You Can Use – September 2020



Grilled Foil Packs


1. Make each grill pack  –

2. Cut 2, 12” X 18” pieces of heavy duty foil

3. Center 1 T. butter or olive oil

4. Add 2 breakfast sausages or appr. 4” Italian Sausage link

5. Place boneless chicken breast on top of butter & sausage

6. Surround meats with vegetables (baby carrots, thin sliced potatoes, fresh beans, onions, peppers) according to your taste.  Anything works!

7. Season with salt, pepper, garlic etc.

8. Fold ends up on foil to make a sealed pack and place on hot grey ashes for about 15 minutes per side.  Check for doneness before eating.

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Just Keep Talking

Referral Program


Do You Have the Right Stuff?

Do You Know Someone Who Does?


The Southcott Agency Inc. is looking for a “Sales Superstar” and if you refer them to us, we will give you a $500.00 finder’s fee!  That’s right – if the person you refer is hired and stays with The Southcott Agency Inc. for 6 months – we will give you $500.00!


Interested? Respond to us via email IMMEDIATELY and you will be contacted for a telephone interview.  You need to do 2 things to apply:


  1. The only way to apply is to email your resume with references attached to with the subject “I am your next Team Member”. Do not call or stop by the office.
  2. In the body of the email write a short essay (less than 10 sentences) on one of the following topics:
    • Describe the person (past, present, dead, or living) you most admire and why?  OR
    • Describe an experience that has been most valuable to you and why?


Chance #1
Tell a friend, a colleague, a relative, an acquaintance…whoever…about us.  When they contact us we’ll send you a $20.00 Gift Card


Chance #2
Every month we’ll randomly draw from the month’s Chance #1 qualifiers. The winner will receive a $50.00 Gift Card


Grand Prize
In December, we’ll conduct a random drawing from all the current year’s entries and the winner will receive a new iPad!


3 Chances, 3 Prizes for YOU to WIN!


The Southcott Agency Inc. “Just Keep Talking!” Program Rules:  Available upon request


Important Crop Insurance Information

Crop insurance premiums are being billed as long as your acreage report has been processed.

Normally your crop insurance premiums are due September 1st. with interest accruing as of October 1st.

The Risk Management Agency (RMA) recognizes the challenges the insurance industry and American farmers face in light of Covid-19 pandemic.  To help provide flexibility to our farmers, they have authorized flexibility to premium payments and interest charges.  Premium payments as noted above will be waived to the earliest of a termination date and an additional 10 days of scheduled due dates.


Termination Dates


Wheat November 30, 2020
Apples, Peaches, Cherries, Grapes November 20, 2020
Onions February 1, 2021
Spring Crops, Corn, Soybeans, etc. March 15, 2021


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call the office

(585) 589-6236.


Three Things One Needs for Happiness

Someone to love.

Something to do.

Something to look forward to.


Hurricane Season!

With hurricane season threatening, here are some important facts to know.

Hurricane Classification—Hurricanes are classified into five categories based on their sustained wind speeds and potential to cause damage.

In the United States, the official Hurricane Season is from June 1st through November 30th, but hurricanes can happen any time of year. 

Hurricane Watch—a watch lets you know that weather conditions are favorable for a hazard to occur.  During a weather watch, gather awareness of the specific threat and prepare for action.  Monitor the weather and discuss protective action plans with your family.

Hurricane Warning—A warning requires immediate action.  This means the hazard is imminent and is happening or about to at any moment.  Warnings are more urgent and require you put emergency plans into place.



Sustained Winds

Potential to Cause Damage


74-95 miles per hour

Very dangerous winds will produce some damage


96-110 miles per hour

Extremely dangerous winds will cause extensive damage

Three (major)

111-130 miles per hour

Devastating damage will occur

Four (major)

131-155 miles per hour

Catastrophic damage will occur

Five (major)

> 155 miles per hour

Catastrophic damage will occur


Let Your Child See That You Value Learning


Parents often tell children how important school is. But sometimes kids dismiss what we say. This happens when we don’t “practice what we preach.” We say we value learning…but we don’t show it especially when thrown into the role of teacher.


When children can see we value learning, they want to learn, too.

You show you value learning when you:

• Stop whatever else you may be doing and talk with children about what they’re doing in school, what they like best, etc.

• Read to your children and ask them about their reading.

• Discuss ideas, the news and other things you learn.

• Share opinions on social and political change.

• Wonder out loud about scientific and other discoveries.

• Research answers to questions that come up.

• Play educational games like Monopoly and chess with your children.

• Take pleasure in a hobby.

• Help children get involved in hobbies and creative projects.

• Continue to learn yourself. You read books and go to the library. You watch educational TV programs and attend school programs for parents.


Labor Day Weekend Getaways for Families


This year’s Labor Day getaway is limited by travel restrictions that mean self-quarantines and more trouble than they’re worth.  One way to beat this virus is by vacationing in New York State.  Our state has so many great places to vacation and three spots are listed in the “Best Labor Day Getaways for Families”.  Out of 21 sites, New York held spot 7, 8, and 9.


The Otesaga Resort Hotel: Cooperstown, New York

            If you’ve got a family of baseball fans, you can combinevisit to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, with a long-weekend stayThe Otesaga Resort and Hotel, part of the Historic Hotels of America. Picture rocking chairs lining the porch on the back veranda, uniformed staff, and sweeping views of the natural landscape. The resort is well-located—it’s a short walk into town to enjoy craft breweries, art galleries, and the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

            The Double Play Package offers visitors Deluxe accommodations, a breakfast buffet, and tickets to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Spa and golf packages are also available. The resort thrives on family-oriented activities, including kid-friendly movies, family bingo, lawn games, and ghost stories by the lake.


Whiteface Lodge: Lake Placid, New York

            The only all-suite resort in the Adirondacks of New York State, Whiteface Lodgea fabulously luxurious experience in a family-friendlyatmosphere that’s never stuffy or pretentious. A slew of amenities include an indoor-outdoor pool, catch-and-release fishing pond, game room, bowling alley, playground, and even an on-site movie theater. There’s also a kids’ camp for kids up to age 12.

            OnDay weekend, you can book the three-night “Stay More, Play More” package. This package includes resort amenities and a complimentary breakfast for each member of your family.


Mohonk Mountain House: New Paltz, New York

            You can spend Labor Day Weekend at the all-inclusive Mohonk Mountain House resort. Rates include three meals daily, afternoon tea and cookies, the complimentary kids’ club, and most resort activities. There will be campfires with s’mores, lake and pool swimming, boating, hiking, tennis, evening entertainment, and much more this year, so check the venue’s website for a full schedule of events.





We wish you an enjoyable Labor Day Holiday!



I’d like to formally introduce myself to those of you I have not had the pleasure of meeting. Our agency newsletter is my monthly project and at times a reflection of my (and the businesses) thoughts and values. On the days I’m at my desk working on the newsletter or various marketing projects, I’m in the company of three amazing people. Mike (husband to Barbara) is a wealth of insurance knowledge who demands the best from us. Heather Tabor and Sarah Bovenzi preform above expectations all the time. They made my birthday so special as they greeted me with matching T-shirts.




Mine read I AM BARBARA


Is Hostile Behavior Killing You?

Have you ever wished that mean, tantrum-tossing boss would just drop dead? That may happen sooner than you expect. New research shows that hostile people are about twice as likely to suffer from heart disease and to die from any cause than mild-mannered people.

            What’s more, frequent hateful behavior – such as rudeness, sneering or swearing at others – appears to be just as deadly as other risk factors. The findings, reported in the Psychological Bulletin, come from a statistical analysis of 45 reports linking heart disease and death to hostility, a personality trait characterized by cynicism, distrust and aggression. The study’s lead author, Todd Q. Miller, assistant professor of preventative medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, said reprogramming one’s outlook could be as effective a prevention tool as exercising, avoiding cigarettes and eating right. “People who are hostile are at risk of getting divorced, more likely to be alone, less likely to take care of their health and more likely to be heavy drinkers.” Miller said. And now, it appears, their psychological profile makes them more likely to become ill and die.


What to know about buying a vacant home

Why buy a vacant home? One of the biggest perks is being able to make the home whatever you want it to be. You can make it your new home, create a vacation home, rent it out, or fix it up and sell it to someone else. In some cases, the seller may be willing to sell a vacant home cheaper than an occupied home. This is good news for you because you can save some money, but it could also mean something might be wrong with the house. It may need a little love, attention and renovating. Also, the insurance coverage is different for vacant homes.  Before you purchase a vacant home, visit our webpage to find hidden risks and what coverage is best for you in our latest blog.


Have a Relaxing Labor Day Holiday!

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