News You Can Use – May 2021

News You Can Use – May 2021



Happy Memorial Day

FLAG ETIQUETTE  Ideally, an American flag on your house should hang from a staff that angles out from the front wall, a windowsill, or balcony. Please do not allow the flag to touch the ground, floor, water, or anything else beneath it.

It’s also appropriate to hang the flag from a horizontal staff. Whether the flag hangs from an angled or horizontal staff, be sure the union or canton (the rectangle with the stars) is at the peak. (Hanging the flag with the union down signals extreme distress.)

When our President declares the flag to be flown at half-staff, it is acceptable to hang the flag from a horizontal staff with the union down, though your neighbors may not understand why you’re doing this. When the flag is displayed either horizontally or vertically against a wall, the union should be at the top and to your left. When displayed in a window, the flag should be hung so that the union is left when you see it from the street.

The American flag is meant to be a flag; don’t use it for any other purpose. For example, please don’t use it as drapery, ceiling decoration, or as a bedspread. And never use it as a receptacle for carrying or holding anything.

Though it is customary to fly the flag from sunrise to sunset, the U.S. Code says that “when a patriotic effect is desired,” you can display it around the clock. If you do, you should illuminate it with light.  When displayed from a car, the flagstaff should be fixed or clamped firmly to the vehicle, ideally on the right side. The flag should not be draped over the hood, top, sides, or back. The same holds for a flag displayed on a float in a parade. Don’t carry the flag flat or horizontally. And, because it is not meant to be apparel, do not wear a United States flag.  If you wear a lapel flag, pin it on the left side, near your heart.

Why bother with flag etiquette when you’re excited about flying the Stars and Stripes? Consider this – for more than two hundred years, our country’s military, firefighters, police, and other service personnel have practiced these measures faithfully, treating our flag with the highest esteem. This is one way we can show respect and meet the high standard they have set.

Wishing you a beautiful Memorial Day weekend.  In honor of all the veterans and the active service members … Thank you for all you do.


▢ 1 pound Fresh Green Peas

▢ 1 ⅓ Cups Mayonnaise

▢ 2 Teaspoons Granulated Sugar

▢ ½ Teaspoon Salt

▢ ½ Teaspoon Pepper

▢ 1 Small Red Onion, Chopped

▢ 1 Cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese

▢ 1 Cup cooked crumbled Bacon or cubed ham


In a large bowl, mix the mayonnaise, sugar, salt, and pepper with the red onion, cheese, and bacon or ham.

Add the peas to the salad and stir well, but gently to combine.

Chill the salad, covered, for at least one hour before serving.




Chance #1

Tell a friend, a colleague, a relative, an acquaintance…whoever…about us.  When they contact us, we’ll send you a $20.00 Gift Card and…


Chance #2

Every month we’ll randomly draw from the month’s Chance #1 qualifiers. The winner will receive a $50.00 Gift Card.


Grand Prize    

In December, we’ll conduct a random drawing from all the current year’s entries, and the winner will receive a new iPad!


3 Chances, 3 Prizes for YOU to WIN!


The Southcott Agency Inc. “Just Keep Talking!” Program Rules:  Available upon request

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(585) 589-6236



CROP                                                  Plant Date                       Sign Acreage Report

Onions                                                       May 10                                         May 15

Oats                                                           May 10                                         July 15

Corn / Soybeans                                    June 10                                        July 15

Potatoes                                                  June 10                                        July 15

Cabbage                                                  July 20                                        August 15

Processing Beans                                 July 25                                         August 15

Fresh Market Sweet Corn                  June 30                                        July 15

Fresh Market Beans                           July 25                                          August 15


Crop Insurance News — Prevented Planting  


Both corn and soybeans have a prevented planting provision in their crop insurance policy.  Any acreage not planted due to excess moisture before June 10th may qualify for a prevented planting indemnity.  Both corn and soybeans have a late plant period out to July 5th.  The provisions require you to report a prevented planting claim 72 hours from your last plant date and no later than July 5th.  You then report your actual planted acres and actually prevented acres by July 15th.  The highest payment for corn is 60% of your actual acre liability.  For soybeans, it is 65% of your actual acre liability.  All acreage reports must be done using maps and common land units, farm serial numbers, and track and field numbers.

We will be touching base with you by phone or in-person after June 10th.


“Time is money” Savings for Memorial Day driving

It’s amazing how much money you can save if you have the time.  The phrase can be used in many different contexts, but for this article, I am using it because if I have less time, I spend more money. It’s a vicious cycle.

Memorial Day driving (or any trip) is going to cost some amount of money, whatever you decide to do. Taking the time (and finding the time) to plan a couple of extra steps will save you big money in the long run.

Pack water, pop, and snacks. It’s amazing how many times we stop on a road trip – stop to get water or coffee, stop to get a bag of chips, stop to stretch our legs (and get a candy bar). If you pack beverages and snacks in a cooler, it saves you money and time.

Pack a lunch or dinner. Another costly expense is stopping or driving through to eat lunch or dinner. On a long trip, I always think that it’s a great idea to stop at a sit-down restaurant and have myself a nice 20 dollar meal. After the appetizer, family meal, and desserts, we walk out of there with about $60.00 fewer dollars for our weekend.

Check your vehicle before heading out for the weekend. Check your oil, tire pressure, and other routine maintenance for the long drive ahead.

Don’t plan…or do. If you plan to stretch out under the stars at a National park or campground, that’s a money saver in itself. I personally don’t camp, but I do look for online bargains at hotels along the way.  Driving around looking for a deal will waste time and gas.

Save GAS! This seems to be a big one in the present times. Roll with the windows down (ac sucks up the gas), coast to a stop, and don’t speed.


It’s important to know that most homeowner’s policies contain exclusions when it comes to water damage.  We at The Southcott Agency Inc. often remind you of water risks because we understand your home is one of your greatest investments.


Damage from Unresolved Maintenance Issues  While your homeowners’ insurance will probably help cover the cost of replacing or repairing a damaged floor if your dishwasher suddenly goes on the fritz, coverage generally will not kick in if the damage results from an unresolved maintenance issue, such as continuous leaking near a faucet or other plumbing fixture.

Replacing or Repairing the Source of the Water Damage  Most homeowners’ insurance policies will not cover the source of the water damage. So, while your policy may cover the cost of tearing out and replacing that damaged floor, you shouldn’t expect it to cover the cost of replacing your broken dishwasher or washing machine.

Water Backup from an Outside Sewer or Drain  You will not typically be covered by a traditional homeowner policy if water backs into your home through an outside sewer or drain. You may, however, be able to purchase additional sewer or water backup coverage that may help cover damage from that type of event.

Flood  No type of flood damage, no matter the water source, is covered by standard homeowners policies. Flooding, for example, can occur from storms, over-saturated ground, overflowing or surging bodies of water such as rivers, ponds, lakes, and oceans. You may be able to purchase a separate flood insurance policy.


“A mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take.”

-Cardinal Mermillod

Spring has sprung, and with the change of season, our thoughts turn spring cleaning and much-needed home improvement projects. Before you embark on seasonal chores or outdoor revelry, take inventory of potential springtime hazards for your furry friends.


Screen Yourself
Many pet parents welcome the breezy days of spring by opening their windows. Unfortunately, they also unknowingly put their pets at risk—especially cats, who are apt to jump or fall through unscreened windows.


Buckle Up!
While most dogs love to feel the wind on their furry faces, allowing them to ride in the beds of pick-up trucks or stick their heads out of moving-car windows is dangerous!  Pets riding in cars should always be secured in a crate or wearing a seatbelt harness designed especially for them.


Spring Cleaning
Spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition in many households, but be sure to keep all cleaners and chemicals out of your pets’ way! Almost all cleaning products, even all-natural ones, contain chemicals that may be harmful to pets.


Home Improvement 101
Products such as paints, mineral spirits, and solvents can be toxic to your pets and cause severe irritation or chemical burns. Carefully read all labels to see if the product is safe to use around your furry friends.


Let Your Garden Grow—With Care
Pet parents, take care—fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides keep our plants and lawns healthy and green, but their ingredients may be dangerous if your pet ingests them. Always store these products in out-of-the-way places. Many popular springtime plants—including rhododendron and azaleas—are also highly toxic to pets and can prove fatal if eaten.


Pesky Little Critters
April showers bring May flowers—and an onslaught of bugs! Make sure your pet is on year-round heartworm preventive medication, as well as a flea and tick control program.


Out and About
Warmer weather means more trips to the park, longer walks, and more chances for your pet to wander off! Ensure your dog or cat has a microchip for identification and wears a tag imprinted with your home address, cell phone, and any other relevant contact information.



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