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Be on the Defense



Defensive –driver courses are offered locally in many areas of Western NY. If you rather take a course in the comfort of your recliner, online courses are now available. Insurance companies will accept a certificate from an approved, defensive- driving course. Check the online site or establishment that is offering the course but be sure they are approved and you are not paying a fee and completing a course only to find out your insurance company cannot apply the discount for you.

Q: What if I need to take a course to reduce my motor-vehicle violation points? Am I eligible for the 10 percent premium credit?
A: According to Circular Letter 1980-1, neither the principal operator’s accident or violation record, nor his years of experience will affect his eligibility for the premium reduction provided by the completion of the defensive-driving course. So, yes you are eligible for the discount.
The discount is applied to the vehicle you are the principal driver.

Q: What if I am the principal driver to more than one vehicle on my policy?
A: The circular letter states that the discount received for completing the defensive –driving course is available to the principal operator of a vehicle including a person who may be the principal driver of more than one vehicle which will result in discounts for each of the vehicles.

Q: How long is my defensive –driving certificate good for?
A: New York Insurance Law Section 2336(a) states: “ Any schedule of rates or rating plan for motor vehicle liability and collision insurance submitted to the superintendent shall provide for an appropriate reduction in premium charges for any insured for a three-year period after successfully completing a motor vehicle accident prevention course…”

Q: Should the other drivers on my policy take the course also?
A: Taking the course is a nice benefit for every driver. Getting the discount is a great bonus from completing the course. Many drivers fall into bad driving habits and forget some of the rules after years have passed from our driver’s test that got us behind the wheel. After completing a drivers-course we are reminded of some of those habits that should be corrected.

This is just another way we can help make our roads we share a little safer while saving a few dollars at the same time.


By: Heather Tabor